Olivier Thaunat

E-mail : olivier.thaunat@chu-lyon.fr
2016 President of the scientific committee of the French Speaking Society of Transplantation
2016 Elected councilor at the European Society of Transplantation
2015 Professor in Renal Transplantation and Clinical Immunology (Lyon, France)
Department of Renal Transplantation and Clinical Immunology
Edouard Herriot Hospital – Hospices Civils de Lyon
INSERM Unit 1111 – Université Lyon I – CENTAURE Network
2012 Habilitation for Research Project Direction – Lyon I
B cell activation and differentiation: implication chronic rejection pathophysiology
2008 PhD in Immunology – Paris VI
Role of lymphoid neogenesis in chronic rejection
2004 Specialist in Nephrology, Faculté de Médecine Saint-Antoine-Paris VI
Renal consequences of Hemophagocytic Syndrome
2004 MD, Faculté de Médecine Saint-Antoine – Paris VI
Late introduction of sirolimus induces anemia of inflammatory state in renal transplant recipients
2003 Master’s degree in Immunology – Pasteur Institute
Adventitial germinal center-like structures in a chronic vascular rejection model
2007 Investigator award from the Fondation du Rein
2009 Investigator Award of the European Society of Organ Transplantation
2009 Prix Louis Forest in Medicine from the Chancellerie des Universités de Paris
2011 France Transplant Award
2012 Société de Néphrologie Award
93 articles indexed in Pubmed; 1546 citations; h index: 24
3 selected publications
1) Chen CC, Pouliquen E, Broisat A, Andreata F, Racapé M, Bruneval P, Kessler L, Ahmadi M, Bacot S,
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Defrance T, Thaunat O. Endothelial chimerism and vascular sequestration protect pancreatic islet grafts from
antibody-mediated rejection.
J Clin Invest. 2018 Jan 2;128(1):219-232.
2) Sicard A, Ducreux S, Rabeyrin M, Couzi L, McGregor B, Badet L, Scoazec JY, Bachelet T, Lepreux S,
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Detection of C3d-binding donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies at diagnosis of humoral rejection predicts renal
graft loss.
J Am Soc Nephrol. 2015 Feb;26(2):457-67.
3) Thaunat O, Granja AG, Barral P, Filby A, Montaner B, Collinson L, Martinez-Martin N, Harwood NE,
Bruckbauer A, Batista FD.
Asymmetric segregation of polarized antigen on B cell division shapes presentation capacity.
Science. 2012 Jan 27;335(6067):475-9.