Jen Lumsdaine

Living Donor Transplant Co-ordinator
Jen Lumsdaine completed her nurse training in 1989 at the Royal Infirmary of
Edinburgh. She worked in various medical specialities and following 4 years as an
Intensive Care nurse commenced as a multi-organ donor transplant co-ordinator in
1997. This role incorporated renal recipient care and early involvement with the
rapidly growing living donor programme. She completed her PhD with the University
of Edinburgh with nurse-led research into Quality of Life issues in Living Donor
Kidney Transplantation in 1996 with several peer reviewed publications focussing on
living donor assessment, follow up and quality of life outcomes. She has specialised
in this field for the past 20 years and has recently been seconded by the Scottish
Government to raise awareness and improve equity of access to information in
Scotland about living donor transplantation.