Gabriel Oniscu

Gabriel Oniscu graduated from the University of Medicine of Iasi,
Romania. He has completed his surgical training in Edinburgh,
Birmingham, King’s College Hospital, London and Assan Medical
Centre Seoul and obtained a doctorate from the University of
Mr. Oniscu is a consultant transplant surgeon at the Royal Infirmary of
Edinburgh and Honorary Reader at the University of Edinburgh. He is
involved in liver, kidney and pancreas transplantation and is the lead
clinician for the living donor kidney transplant programme. He is also the
led clinician for novel perfusion and preservation technologies in
transplantation in Edinburgh.
He has a strong research activity with particular focus on transplant
outcomes, organ perfusion and reconditioning and optical sensing. He
is the recipient of the NRS Career Research Fellowship and an MRC
confidence in concept award for technological developments relating to
normothermic perfusion. Mr. Oniscu is associated with the Liver stem
cells and regeneration research group at the Centre for Regenerative
Medicine Edinburgh. He is a lead investigator in the NIHR Access to
Transplantation and Transplant Outcomes study, the UK NHSBT
service evaluation of normothermic regional perfusion in DCD donors
and the MRC study investigating the regenerative capacity of liver
ductular cells. He has received more than £4.5 mil in research funding.
Mr. Oniscu is Secretary of the European Society for Organ
Transplantation and chairs the Research, Innovation and Novel
Technologies Advisory Group at NHS Blood and Transplant.
He has authored more than 60 papers and 12 book chapters and is the
editor of Abdominal Organ Retrieval and Transplantation Bench Surgery
(Wiley) and Springer Atlas of Transplantation Surgery (in press).